Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Adventure Day Two

Day two of vacation and day two working out!  Yesterday we went to the hotels fitness center.  The equipment each had its own problem but I didnt let that stop me.  The treadmill I was on would not start.  So I unplugged it and tried again.  No avail!  So I went on the stationary bike.  45 minutes of peddling while I watched Prison Break on Netflix (the TV on the bike didn't work.)  As we were working out an employee of the hotel came in and we notified him of the issues.

Today we were looking forward to another workout.  But the equipment hadn't been repaired.  I took the treadmill that worked and Al took the elliptical machine.  45 minute workout.  Increased speed every 5 minutes.  Even ran twice for 1 min and 1 1/2 minutes.  It hurt my ankles.  I think I need to invest in a new pair of running shoes!  I have never run at this weight either.  But I am not going to let that stop me.  I love how I feel after I run.  I need to focus on that.

Im now out at the pool soaking up some Florida rays.  72 degrees, overcast and breezy but it sure beats the 16 degrees back home :)

This evening is Heidi's wedding so plenty of food and alcohol tonight.  It's all about choices and priorities.  Tonights priority is enjoying friends.  Today I am focusing on water consumption.  When I finish this bottle of water that will be 9 (8oz) glasses of water.  I'll get at least one more bottle in before the wedding.  And will have water during the evening so as not to get toooo inebriated.  After all Al's CEO and board of directors are at this wedding.  It's not a work function but still...

Tomorrow we are going to Epcot for the day.  I'm thinking no workout because we will get plenty of walking in during the day.  Our flight on Monday is at noon.  It's an hour and half drive plus we need to return our car and check in before the flight.  I'm thinking we need to leave about 8:00 or 8:30.  If I pack the night before I can get up early and get a 30 minute treadmill/bike workout before we leave.  Exercise becomes addicting once I start.  I just need to get off my keester  and do it!  It helps if I watch a good program on Netflix.  I get engaged in the program and don't watch the clock on the equipment.

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