Thursday, December 31, 2009

Everything from my stomache to my calves hurt! We worked legs yesterday in the Body by Mercedes class, plus my step class which includes 20 minutes of kettlebell training. Legs were the pain of the day.

I've decided to participate in a virtual 1/2 marathon tomorrow. But I really don't think I can do 13.2 miles in one day. So I am splitting it into two days. that's 6.6 miles today and tomorrow. Should be interesting since my legs really hurt. Maybe the movement will loosen up the muscles and they won't hurt so much! Here's to hoping. I figure I'll pop in a Harry Potter Blu-ray and walk the whole movie or two or three...

Only 1100 calories yesterday, but my weight was up this morning! Ughh. I hate when that happens. But with all this exercise it can only do one thing in the end---go down! I'm not asking for much. I just want to loose 2 pounds a week. At that rate I should be swimsuit ready by August, lol!

Just gotta keep on keeping on!

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