Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm hurting

My arms are still sore from Monday's Body class. My hamstrings hurt from walking yesterday. I wore my balance shoes from Reebok which ups the work out. My hamstrings say they feel it today. But I won't let it hinder my step workout this morning. Then another Body class tonight. I am only wondering if I will participate in the weight lift segment of todays step class. Probably not a good idea if I am doing Mercedes class tonight.

Last night, I was at 1446 calories after dinner. Then Hubby came home with a bottle of champagne to celebrate that our lives will remain the same. Personal joke, but one worth celebrating. I had a 4 oz glass with him. When he offered anothe I went to the fridge in search of string cheese and a clementine. my girls had eaten all of the string cheese which I'd only purchased yesterday. So instead I had another glass of wine. While making brownies, Hubby says: I need to quit tempting you. I laughed and said he was a bad influence. He realizes that this is something that we really need to do together.

Here's to another beautiful day!

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