Thursday, January 13, 2011

I walked for half an hour today.  My calves are sore from the last two days.  Apparently my treadmill was set at an incline.  Ugh.  But now I have it down and took it easy today.  Felt good to just go for a stroll even if it was on my treadmill! 

Tomorrow, I have a mini day at the spa.  Pedi/mani and a haircut.  Looking forward to some time to myself taking care of me. 

Saturday, Mia has a gymnastics meet.  So off and running to the cities for the day.  Then Sunday, Al and I fly out to Fort Myers, FL.  He has work meetings.  I have spouse events to attend.  Fun events, but not necessarily how I would spend my time given a choice.  I will have fun though.  That I do know.  I just think that sometimes people think that I am lucky to be able to travel so much and to do fun things.  But I think of it as work.  I have a schedule of where I need to be when and how I need to dress.  These trips are not vacations.  Fun, but not a vacation!

We get back Thursday early morning (around 1 am).  then I have a meeting at noon, work at three.  Then the following Saturday I am off to North Dakota for another of Al's work functions.  His job keeps me very busy.

So, you can see why having 2 1/2 hours child free, taking care of myself tomorrow morning is going to be great!

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