Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2 days in a row

I know C 2 5K says to run every other day.  But I don't have time this week to do every other day.  I am supposed to start week 2 on Friday and don't want to run Thurs/Friday.  I thought it was better to do days 2/3 of week one back to back instead of week 1/week 2 back to back.  I pushed myself again today.  I never walked slower than 4 mph (except that last 90 seconds where I slowed to 2mph to bring down my heart rate).  I walked 4 mph, ran 5 mph (last run at 6 mph).  But I only ran ever other interval.  So ran 60 seconds rested 3.5  minutes ran 60. Yesterday I did 1.9 miles in 30 minutes.  This time I did 2.05 miles.  So it seemed to work.  Since my goal is 5k in under 45 minutes, I figure if I walk at a pace of 4 mph that gets me 3 miles in 45 minutes.  I just need to pick up my pace a little to get 3.1 miles in 45 minutes.  So right now I am using c25k to train a faster walking pace, leading up to running.  So that this September I can run my 2 miles of the iron girl at a faster pace.  maybe even under 20 minutes....

I am currently keeping my calorie intake to under 1866.  Seems to be working.  Though I have to admit that I am hungry.  But my body seems to be enjoying the hunger :).  Meaning that I am not binging on food or craving foods.  If I get really really hunger, I can grab a handful of wheat thins and that satisfies me hunger and gets me through to morning.

I know I am able to get this done.  I know my goal was to weight 175 pounds by December 31st.  But my app tells me that if I consume 1866 calories each day this year, I can loose  almost 40 pounds by the end of the year, putting me at 159!  159 gets me into the "normal" BMI range.  My lightest that I have weighed since giving birth is 163 and that was 10 years ago!  So I know that my body is going to try to hang onto this weight.  But I am going to persevere. 

Tomorrow is an off day for c25k.  So I will either walk (Dr. Oz says to walk 30 minutes everyday no excuses, pace doesn't matter) or I will do my iron girl DVD.


  1. 1866 eh? Not 1865, or 1850, or 1900, but 1866. That's a funny amount. Stay strong and walk on!

  2. I know Annelise. But the app takes what I need to eat every day to maintain, how many less calories I need to eat to lose the weight I want to lose and then devides it out over the course of time I select. 1866 works for me. And I lost 3 pounds the first 5 days!