Sunday, May 2, 2010


Leaving this morning was probably one of the hardest things I have had to do in a long time.  And that's including all the mountains I climbed this week.  It is so hard to say goodbye to new friends and to leave others behind knowing what fun they will be having next week.

I want to thank all the trainers.  I know that I may not always have given a hundred percent but you gave so much more.  I didn't really have any specific goals for the week when I arrived.  But let me tell you that I couldn't have dreamed of doing the things I did.  Robyn, I want to thank you for Saturday's curcuit class.  I pushed myself beyond anything I have ever done before.  Having you workout right next to me was more motivation than I could have imagined.  Thank you all for being there for me and for everyone at the Ridge.

I want to thank my hiking buddies for pushing and supporting me all week.  I never imagined that hiking could be so much fun!  The laughs will last a lifetime.  Each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart.  Including Seth who pushed us all beyond our imaginations. 

Kathy, this was the best vacation of my life.  Thank you for including me in your plans.  Enjoy next week, a Rudeck free week

I do have to share some very exciting news.  I was not nervous for test out.  I think I was excited.  I knew I lost inches, because tshirts fell below my hips.  I lost 3.5 inches in my waist and .5 inches on my hips.  My weight loss was 8 pounds, though I weighed in at night and out in the morning.  But the measuring tape doesn't lie!  I am down to 188 pounds.  I look forward to rest of my journey.

Because my adventure doesn't end at the end of my stay at the Ridge, I will continue to blog about my journey.  Join me and celebrate with me as I continue to improve my health.

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  1. Thanks for all the encouragement (i.e. yelling) you gave me throughout the week. :) I will be in touch via skype - My cell phone isn't working - calls go directly to voicemail and I can't dial out so I feel like I'm cut off from everyone - lol! Guess it doesn't matter that much since this will be another busy week... You inspire me!!!