Saturday, May 8, 2010

happy Mother's Day!

I want to take this time to wish everyone a happy Mother's Day!  We mothers tend to take care of everyone else and having nothing left to spend on ourselves.  Please take this time to take care of yourself.  My one wish for tomorrow is to have the day to myself.  I know, most mothers want to spend the day with their children.  I get to do that every day.  So, for Mother's Day I always ask to have the day to myself.  I don't have any plans.  House is cleaned.  Exercise is done for the week. (I didn't get treading in, but will next week.)  Not sure what I will do, but I will enjoy the peace and quiet that is so rare in this household.

I did have a very successful trip to Duluth yesterday.  I tried on several dresses at Younkers.  I wanted something to show off my new waistline.  I wanted bright and cheery.  I wanted to shine.  The only thing I didn't want was black. 

I loved everyone's response as I came out of the dressing room with each dress.  Including other customers' responses.  I did end up with a black dress.  But it was the best one.  Al keeps asking me to put it on.  That's a very good indicator that I picked the right dress.  Today, I bought new shoes and a wrap.  I had the perfect necklace and earings.  I will have Al take pictures on Monday night.  I can't wait to show off my new bod. 

And Cat, I will use those pictures for my blog and facebook picture.  You weren't the only one to comment on how young I looked at Fitness Ridge compared to my pictures.  I have started getting carded again when I order a drink.  I am almost 40 for crying out loud!  Okay, so I love every second of it!

My family cooked crab legs and shrimp tonight.  We attempted Israeli couscous.  It didn't turn out like FR.  but I am not giving up.  We are all trying to eat much healthier.  With the FR cookbooks, I find getting in 24g of fiber is not a problem.  I used to struggle to get in 12g in the not so distant past.  At breakfast on Thursday, I had 13g of fiber without even trying. 

I am now only counting calories in and fiber grams (because I am curious).  I am back in the gym every day and loving it!  Today I did the mixx; step, turbo kick, and free weights in one class.  I have missed going to the Y.  As much as I loved April's Girl Gang challenge of walking/biking 100 miles, it kept me out of my very much loved Y.   I realize how much I need my friends at the Y.

I am anxious for Kathy to return home from Fitness Ridge.  I am jealous that she stayed for two weeks.  I wish that I had done that.  I also want to talk with her about her experience.  Was the second week easier or harder.  I know she pushed herself more this week.  And, I just plain miss her as well as all my friends that I made in Utah.

Enjoy the beautiful day and give your mom a great big hug!

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