Monday, August 9, 2010

Some people hate Mondays.  I see Mondays as the beginning of a new week.  All the mistakes of last week are gone and a new slate begins on Monday.  So Happy Monday everyone!

Last weeks mistakes:  Missed two workouts.  I was sick on Thursday.  I was traveling on Sunday and Hubby was just home from Alaska so we had a few beers and enjoyed our time together instead of biking and running as I should have!  Ugh. But new week today.  i will let go of those mistakes and start anew.

This weeks exercise plan:

Monday: run
Tuesday: bike

Sounds like a plan.  I will also journal my food and keep my calories to 1500 or less each day.  And starting today, no pop for the week.  That will be a challenge as we have a wedding Saturday night.  I'll have to come up with a plan for not drinking diet pepsi all night long!

I am getting excited.  16 days until I head to The Bahamas with my 12 yo daughter.  8 days of sun and fun with just the two of us!  We haven't spent that much alone time together ever.  it should be a lot of fun.  She just returned from Alaska with her dad and uncle.  She has gotten alot of time with each of her parents this summer.

My oldest is off and runnign to Italy is September for 2 1/2 weeks.  Without her parents.  She seems to do more traveling with the friends than us.  We are going to have to change that one.

I plan to continue my exercise while in The Bahamas.  I will have to work extra hard on calorie consumption because we are staying at an all inclusive resort.  So lots of food and lots of alcohol available.  But if we stay active enough we won't be eating our way through the resort.

Happy Monday everyone! 

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