Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Food journaling has been so difficult for the last couple of months.  July was really bad.  I gained 4 pounds.  Ugh!  Do you know how much it hurts to write that down.  But now that I have, I think it will be easier to get rid of it.  No more hiding those pounds.  No more pretending that they don't exist.  I mean they won't exist shortly because I intend to get rid of them quickly.  And by quickly I mean by the end of this month.  It took me a month to gain the weight, it only stands to reason that it will take a month to get rid of it.  But that's okay.

I have been doing great with exercise this week.  I have finally found a training program that I can work with.  My running magazine had a train for a tri in 6 weeks program in it.  Now I don't intend to do a tri in 6 weeks,  But I do like the program.  Swim, bike, run, swim, bike, run, rest.  I can do that.  Though tomorrow is the run day and I still hate running.  When is that ever going to change?

I am going to have to get up early and run on the treadmill because i have to work tomorrow and then Erica has swim lessons.  But I suppose I can run in the evening, Hannah isn't going to gymnastics tomorrow so she can watch Erica then.  Either way it will get done.

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