Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Ash Wednesday!

I went to step class this morning. Didn't do the Body Sculpting class tonight because I hadn't eaten due to it being Ash Wednesday. Fasting does not bode well for intense exercising.

Plan to do the kickboxing class tomorrow at the Y. I am a little nervous to try this class because my friend teaches it. I'm going to feel judged. I know she won't but I can't help how I feel. My nervousness aside, I am excited to try something new. My exercise journey is taking me to so many new places!

I actually did the jumping jacks in step class today. I also did the hopping on the step. I usually don't do either. So this week, I ran, I hopped and I did jumping jacks. Small steps but huge accomplishments!

I'm not done yet!


  1. Good for you! You're making SO much progress. ITA The running, hopping and jumping jacks are huge accomplishments.

  2. I'm reading through your posts if you couldn't tell from my responses to a bunch of old posts. :) And it's amazing how similar stories can be to one another. I remember how nervous I was to try kickboxing back in January and now it's one of my most favorite classes, next to Zumba! I remember when I too never took my feet off the ground for jumping jacks or any kind of hopping but now I can do both. Isn't it a wonderful feeling!