Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Biked almost 20 miles today!  I didn't walk up any hills.  I only stopped to put my chain back on and to return a call to my girls who wanted to go see the new Eclipse movie at 11:50 today and wanted me to pick up their friends, too!  I did 19.12 miles in 1:48 on rolling hills.  And loved every minute of it.  Next week, I want to do a 25 mile bike ride.  So now I have to figure out where to do that.

I ran 2.8 miles on Monday.  I still don't enjoy running, but I do love the results.  My legs are starting to look pretty darn good. Almost makes me want to run everday.  But I do need to get bike rides in, too.  So now I need to set up a training plan for Septembers Irongirl Duathlon.  I am really getting excited to participate and wish it was sooner.  But having 3 months to prepare will mean that not only will I be able to complete the Duathlon but also race to do my best.

When I originally signed up it was just to complete the race.  Now I want to actually set a goal for finishing.  Not sure what my time goal will be.  I need to train some more.  But completing is now a given so I want to focus on my run times and overall completion.  I have even begun to think about attempting a triathlon next year.  Do I dare?  I am not a strong swimmer.  I can't stand to put my face in water.  So I may never actually do a tri.  But I am thinking about adding swimming to my workouts.

Tomorrow the July Girl Gang challenge begins.  We are journaling our food for the month.  I have not been good for the month of June so this is a great challenge for me.  I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and then I am putting the scale away until August 1st.  My hope is that between journaling and exercising that I will loose weight.  I am working hard to not weigh myself several times a day.  And I have been doing quite well with not getting on the scale.  But I am afraid of what the scale will say tomorrow morning.  But I am not going to let it stop me from doing what I am doing.

Saturday, I am running a 5k.  I have yet to run a full 5k.  I know I can do it because I did 2.8 miles on Monday.  it's on .3 miles further.  So, my goal for this 5k is to run the whole time.  No walking.  Saturday will set my time for setting goals for future 5k runs.  I have another 5k on August 7th.  Never in my life did I think I would be participating in events like these.  But they give me something to work for.  It is so hard to exercise just for the sake of exercise.  But having a race to prepare for makes it so much easier for me to stay on track.

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